Автор: initiaty | 27.01.2012

Anonymous: Operation Armenian Genocide

Вот и наши братья с интернета, армия свободы интернетного мира, начинает действия против Турции за непризнание Геноцида Армян. Это уже второй раз как Турция попадает под удар со стороны Анонимцев.

Так.. я узнал, что в новостном портале Анонимуса написан пост про начинания этой операции. В Tumblr-е youranonnews.tumblr.com в посту под именем Anonymous-Operation Armenian Genocide- Message to the Turkish Government поставлен видео материал про геноцид (Щас видео в привате, без объяснений). Еще и в твиттере нашел несколько ссылок на какие то видео. Но большинство из них были приватными.

Но вот в конце концов нашел этот вот видео материал.

Если кто и умеет читать на португальском, то можете смотреть еще и сайт армян Бразилии. 

Текст на армянском в Арменпресс-е: (Հայերենով այստեղ)

В данный момент смотрю все что возможно найти в интернете про #OpArmGenocide.

Текст манифеста на английском …

Oh ya, ad to the turkish government.
In 1915, The Turkish killed millions of armenians, Now you have to pay for your actions.
Nearly two million people were killed by the turkish including children and women and yet you still deny the existence of the genocide,
You have also taken the historic land of armenians. Many of you may not have heard about the genocide, but have heard about the genocide of the jewish People.
Germany is still paying jewish people for their actions and now its time for Turkey to give back our land and pay us for our lost lives.This is a warning to you, we will start targeting turkish government websites untill the genocide is confirmed. Your protest against france wont help. The french senators will pass the bill and they are supported by hundreds of historians. You will not join the European Union and never will. This is also a message to other countries who have not yet confirmed that the armenian genocide took place, This is not a joke. Every 4 years in the united states, every official who wants to be a president tells the armenian people that they will confirm the existence of the armenian genocide, however the U S has not yet confirmed it. If this occurs next year we will start targeting U S official websites.
Operation Armenian Genocide. Engaged.
Operation Anti ACTA engaged.
W are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Expect us.


  1. Barev!
    You, and your followers, might want to retweet my tweet to get answer from anonymous when will be the #OpArmGenocide relaunched, since it has been definitely shelved, for now…

    YourAnonNews You are the only real force fighting the tyrany! Btw when can we hope #OpArmGenocide will be relaunched, in full power?

    • I don`t know when it`ll work in full power. I keep in touch with anonymous blogs and some authors in Twitter. if I know something new i`ll post about that. That`s all what I know for now.

  2. Yeah, well I hope it will be sooner than later because the «genocide bill» has passed only recently…

  3. This operation has been shelved for now due to Acta and megaupload.

    • So thanks, but when it`ll be goin to launch again ?

      • Без понятия. Это цитата из irc канала. Видимо поэтому и видео с ограниченным доступом.

    • Как я знаю чат icr уже не доступна French Justice require IRC.LC do not redirect visitors to the anonops webchat. http://irc.lc/anonops/italy

      • Я так и не понял попала ли ссылка в комменты.

  4. it was re engaged !!!! or might it was an fake video but i saw the video where anonymous said that they re engaged #OpArmGenocide

    • The first video was official but not the second one. That was fake. Also about the first video there were announsment in official blog of Anonymous.

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